Sweet Black

Haru and Sagiri are childhood friends. Once Haru says that she loves Jay, the popular model on tv. The next month, Sagiri entered a model agency. Well, it’s easy for him, considering he’s 183 cm tall. He rises in popularity soon.
Haru comes to Sagiri apartment periodically to clean up his mess. Yeah, no matter how cool Sagiri looks like on magazine, he’s just a lazy boy who can’t keep things on their places. So, he’s so depend to Haru to tidying up his room.
He also enjoys Haru’s sweet coffee as much as he likes seeing Haru hanging around in his place.
Well, Sagiri loves is unrequited. Haru doesn’t really understand her feeling, yet. She’s second year at high school but always miss understood as elementary school student due to her 143 cm height. She’s scare and unconfident because Sagiri is surrounded by sexy beautiful models, while she’s just a kid.
Love is calling each others’ heart. No matter how long you wait, it will eventually come. So, be patient.
It’s a typical shojo story, so I’m not very interested. Some scenes are not in order so it’s ruin my reading. The drawing is neat, though it’s thin (Nishina sensei must be very much like Haru, a woman with less confident).
Download is available at Shojo love or Transcendence
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