My Idol

Hirano Harufumi is suddenly appointed as assistant secretary in idol committee. What is that anyway? Hirano is completely blank.
The committee has a goal: to gather girl idols for the school culture event. The boys are very happy with this resolution, but many girls refuse to participate. The scouting is stuck! Is it being an idol humiliating? Hirano can’t seems to find the answer. He thinks that being idol is every girl’s dream *is it? ^$^&*%*GIO*(*(&**
But, Hirano hears his childhood friend, Momo, sing in the bath room. He really thinks she’s perfect for the character. However, Momo is a shy and clumsy girl. How can Hirano turns her into and idol?
The art is so cute and you can expect some ecchi from Kawashita sensei. lol.
The scanlation is presented by CXC Scans. You can also check bakabt for torrent.
My Rating:


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