Fairy Tail Special: Pajama Party

This time, Lucy finds a specific job for woman only. The request is to search an object, however there’s no reward for the work. It’s very weird, right? Mira asks Lucy to check out the client. It leads Lucy to Fairy Hills, the wizard’s female dormitory.
The request is sent by Hilda, the dorm matron. She asks Lucy to find a shining treasure within the dorm. But, before that, she insists that Lucy change her clothe into cat costume. lol. Well, can she complete the task?
It’s nice to have the fairy girls in one chapter along. Forget those boys and just stick with this sexiness. You’ll love it.
Hey, what am I talking here. I sound like an old man. lol.
Anyway, I like this story. I love Erza more and more. She always try to be mature and yet somebody notices how much she needs attention. It’s so beautiful. I believe only certain person appears to understand us, right?
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