Yamikin Ushijima-kun

There’s no single human that deserves sympathy

Gambling is surely an amazing addiction. Housewives could spend hours and trapped themselves to loan shark just to play Pachinko. That’s why, for Ushijima, housewives are the guest of honors for black marker traders. Giving each lender 30,000 yen at the beginning of the day, Ushijima manages to duplicates the rate from that loan. He’s the person who make living above other’s foolishness. If the victim could not repay her debt, he would force her to prostitute to gather money. After collecting the money, he also threaten her for doing prostitution to get more money.
He’s right to call the debtor as ‘Slave’-kun. Those people are so idiot to be captured in his slavery nest.

This manga shows you the works of loan sharks. Understanding the play might avoid us from being idiots and sucked into that hell circle of gambling and loaning.

Well, the art is quite fierce, as you can expect from amorality manga. The idea is fresh and original, taking a view point of a loan shark. Since it’s very much serious, I suggest you to take full concentration reading this manga.
This manga is scanlated by McDonaldHyena


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