Living game

Fuwa kun is always late for work even that he’s living nearby. Every morning is always cramped with other workers sarcastically point his weakness. What a lively office he has here. However, both the apartment and the office are small that leads Fuwa to frustration.
He, then, decides to move to bigger apartment. At the same time, Boss announces that she gets new office space that spacier than their office. They’re moving soon.
However, the earthquake ruins their dream. The new office building is in damage. With its structure tilting, it doesn’t save for any human activity. Boss takes snap decision and transfer their goods to Fuwa’s apartment. Yup, he, once again, traps in cramped space.
How would you like to wake up by the bell ringing from your co worker? How would you like to dress formally all the time in your own house? OMG. Fuwa doesn’t know how long this disaster would take place, but he can imagine more suffering since the Boss is accepting a 15 years old apprentice. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

It’s such an old manga, yet very amusing. I recently enjoy reading manga from before I was born. lol.
Please visit the hawks to download this manga.

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