Kono uchi de Kimi to

Tachibana Itsuka must be very shock when she faces that her new apartment is ruined by gas explosion. The landlady’s son, Amahara Renjiro, comes with a problematic solution: Itsuka can live in his house. Renjiro has been living alone before. But, now, he’s assigned by his mother to take care of the homeless tenants like Itsuka. Yes, there are two other girls who become fugitives after the incident: Shiraishi Arisa and Fujisawa Miyako. Those girls have different personality but together things seem to be fun. So, when the apartment rooms are ready, they’re sadly move away from Amahara’s house. It’s so lonely to live alone. Nobody to talk to, nobody to call when the lights go out and nobody to have dinner with. Ahh, Itsuka is not the only person feeling that. So, they agree to move back to Amahara’s house. What a sweet decision, but won’t it lead to a more problematic condition…such as love?

Aren’t you curious? *I’m not. lol*

Anyway, this typical shoji manga is available to download at bakabt. The project is done by shinnen, you can also visit their irc channel: #shinnen@irc.highway.net

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