Hirahira kun Seishun Jingi

Taira Hira (nickname: Hira hira) is a seventh grade student of Seiun Middle School. His motto is “protect the weak and stands up against the strong”.

As a freshman, he stands out because he is quite strong. Once he saves his classmate, Yocchin, he must faces the ninth grade gang leader. Yocchin says she hated people who fight, so Hirahira lets them beat him. But, those bad boys don’t stop there and chase Yocchin. Using tricky strategy, Hirahira swaps them away. That’s why Yocchin start having a crush on him. Lucky!


This is a very simple story that even children understand. Good deeds are always followed by good payback. Oboetoke!!

The manga is written by Adachi Mitsuru sensei and was serialized around April 1975 to March 1976. Wow! it’s such an antique manga, right.


The manga is scanlated by Project Bite me Scans. You can download by torrent from bakabt.


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