Devilman-Strange Days

When human and demon fused, he’s called devilman. He could continues living like human, feels like human and believes he’s human. But, when he become emotional, he turns to his real form.

Akira and Ryuu are only two high school student who looks normal playing in their band. But, their true form-like any other devilmen-rise from hell.

Nowdays, devilmen can’t control themselves and going rampage. Their ability to control emotion is too low that they hardly know themselve anymore. Government decide to eliminate all irregular forms of live thing like devilmen. Without even looking at their perspectives, the devilmen are slashed.

Even Ryuu & Akira’s best friend become a victim. Akira is losing his mind and slays those military guys.

Ryuu must do something to stop him, because deep inside they wanna feel like human..again.

I know a movie called devilman. a weird movie and the design resembles this manga. Could it be that those are related? *I’ll find out if I had time, ok?lol*

What’s wrong with this manga? The art is exceptionally detail and very beautiful. But, the scenes jump so fast that you’ll miss something. The idea is very simple actually, but Nagai sensei just wanna make it complicated. ah.

I just got this manga from

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