Toraneko Forklore

“I will prove my existence”

In the new school, Touto has these missions:
1. coming to school, The St. Aurakeiji
2. Stay in school from beginning till the end.
3. Peacefully make friends over lunch
4. Get female friend’s mail address

Despite of his fierce look, he is a nice guy. He worked so hard to get into this elite school. He loves cute things. He can be amazed seeing octopus weener inside Saki’s bento and the rabbit shaped apple from Yuta.

Saki mentions a great mystery rumors in the school. It said that if you call a certain number at 4:44 at noon near the south gate, you would disappear.

The next day, she misses the class. Touto and Yuta are very worried about her. They speculate that she might push the button since she loves horror so much. So, Yuta calls the number and a certain monster appears in front of them taking Yuta inside it.

As a yankee, Toutou always believe in his physical power. He can’t let the two first friends he found are taken just like that. The monster is going to take Toutou as well. That’s when it appears! The good luck charm Ayu nee gave him turns into  a small creature like fairy who comes from Concurus Horn Clan. It’s name is Frivelen. It turns Toutou’s phone into giant lollipop weapon. But, Toutou don’t use weapon in his fights. He crushes the monster with his bare hand. this the interesting part Ayu nee was talking about?

It’s a cute story. I didn’t even care at first, but as I read the 10th pages, it’s started to be more and more interesting.
Download this manga from hyuugalegacy

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