Sora is so excited that she’s being accepted in an Elite high school named Private Academy Utopia. This way she could be together again with her friend, Tsuki. However, she’s still confuse of her uniform. While Tsuki had female uniform with skirt, the school sent her short pants instead. lol.
Anyway, the school succeed to surprise her more. All the girls look down and boys are treating them like object. There’s game in the school in order to show male domination. Guy could choose girl to own & protect then, do everything he wanted to her. When he wanted to take girl belonged to other man, he invited him in duel. The game is called “Exaclan”.
Sora, with her high sense of justice, can’t take it easy. She starts losing temper when she saw her new friend, Izaki Haru, was about to be raped by her owner. The owner put on his glove and takes weapon from Izaki’s chest. That’s the meaning of the game. Owning girls mean securing weapon for the guy. Sora must run from Izaki’s owner’s shots.
Thank God she’s saved by a masked girl who then offer to be hers. Sora takes that chance to wipe the discrimination in this school. She puts the glove sent with her masculine uniform. Wearing the glove enables her to take weapon and defeat her enemy.
Sora’s challenge just begun. The student council won’t let her do as she wanted here. Can Sora preserve as knight that protect the princess like her childhood dream?
The manga is scanlated by Mako scans
well, the story is funny and stupid. Not bad for weekend.
My Rating:

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