In this world, two same things can not appear at the same time. D is monster who take shape of human as its prey before taking he/she’s existence. It’s very much unrealistic for Kei as he heard it from a girl who tried to kill him on his way home. The girl explains herself as Mitsuki, the Othello investigator who chases D to exterminate it.

Mitsuki also says that his friend, Hinata, is another target for D. Kei can’t help but being worried. When he comes to Hinata’s house, there are two Hinatas. Kei and Hinata would probably dead if only Mitsuki hadn’t come to rescue them. While trying to escape, D stabs Kei in his chest. But, he, then suddenly stand up with weapon in his hand. How is that possible? Can he defeat D?

The story is way too common. And I really hate the plot where Mitsuki can no longer take her weapon because Kei’s holding it. Does it ring a bell? Yeah, it is so BLEACH!!!

I’m not sure this even worth to read. But, you can pick it up at ieatsoul.com

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