Deco deco Kiss

Monthly magazine Deco Deco is popular fashion magazine many girls adore, including Mihara. She loves the fashion guide in it. She even met a guy with amazing Punk Deco-deco fashion. His name is Mutou, the member of Light Music Club. She falls in love instantly.

Though Mutou kun is cold and somehow sadist, he’s very nice to her. For example, when the teacher confiscated her new Deco deco magazine, Mutou gets it for her. And when she falls from crazy full bus, he catch her even though it costs his guitar. Mihara feels guilty and takes her accessory budget to get him new guitar. However, she doesn’t know much about guitar. Instead of buying electric one, she ends giving him the acoustic. lol. That stupid side of her is lovable?

The scans is provided by intercross. hmm they need to put some address in their package, really. I’m having trouble looking for the link. I got this manga from bakabt

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