Yamamoto mimikaki-ten

Toru saw his great grandfather asked his ears cleaned before he died. That old guy seemed to enjoy it so much and gone peacefully. Ever since, Toru always wanted to have his ears cleaned. At that time, there was special woman who did the ear cleaner.

Toru meets her again at hanabi (fireworks) festival. She holds a stand selling handmade ear cleaner. One cleaner is quite expensive, but Toru gets special sensation using it. He’s become addicted to it. He even named it, then too commemorative photo with it. So, what happen when the favorite cleaner confiscated by the teacher???

It’s quite funny! The story is original. I mean, how many story have you read talking about ear cleaning??? I prefer to enjoy the plot because the art is so dull.

Please visit Kotonoha to get this manga.

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