Sister Trap

Naohito asked Chisato to move in together. They’re in love, but there’s something bother her. Chisato, then, takes Naohito to meet her family. Wow, it makes Naohito anxious.  It’s not like they’re going married or something. He doesn’t feel ease about meeting parents. But, Chisato’s family are only 2 sexy sisters. Before he could take his relieve breathe, he’s forced into their seduction.

The 2 sisters love Chisato so much, so they try to eliminate every guy around her by seducing them. So far, they’re unbeatable. Well, how can Naohito defense himself???

Well, the art is cute and pretty clean. However, this manga contains nudity and sexual activities, so it’s not suitable for anyone with mental intellectuality lower than high schooler. lol

Download the torrent from bakabt

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