Hammer Session!

“In fact, it is difficult to understand human heart”

The bus is on the way to the famous and notorious Kitakan, North Kanto Prison. It’s a prison for life sentenced prisoners. It means the bus take hardcore criminals, including, Otowa no 4. Being confined all over his body, invites curiosity to other criminals. They’re very surprise to see the innocent kiddy look he has.

He has keen attention to other and amazingly optimistic. this is his first time going to Kitakan. Nah, aren’t you wondering what he had done?

Well, before the question is answered, the bus stucks in an accident with a truck. This a chance for those convicts to run away. The kid and a fat guy criminal manage to escape from death. As they hide in a school, they see an arson. Not to let fire spreading to all building, they take water to put it off.

The principle is very grateful to them. He knows the culprit. He asks that this matter should be taken privately, without the police. The culprit is a new math teacher. if this incident leaks into public, he couldn’t imagine what would happen to the school’s pride.

“I have just understood your heart”

It seems like the new teacher is feeling intimidated by non responsive students. The students need reformation mental. They need more responsible to take part in educating system. Listening to the kid’s theory, Principle decides to hire him as new math teacher. Even though he knows that the kid is a first rate con artist. He puts hope on him.

Now, living by the name of Hachisuka sensei, he’s about to give hammer session to the kids!



I was just started to read it since I saw the drama with Masaki Suda in it. Kyaaaaaa. Well, the plot is quite cute, though the theme is nothing amazing. The topic of education reformatting is nothing new, right? However, the art is quite clear and neat. And the background is drew properly. love it.

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