Spicy Pink

What happen if a mangaka fell in love? Would it be as cute as the manga she drew?

Sakura is not a competent mangaka comparing with her best friend Kamijou Misono. She can’t draw fast so she’s always losing breath whenever the deadline hit. Misono is beautiful and energetic. She’s also popular. However, when it comes to men, she’s very stingy. She sets high standard on the guy she dated. Most of them can’t keep up with her expensive taste. That’s why Misono loves gokon. And she always persuades Sakura to join the party.

That’s where Sakura meets Koreeda Iku for the first time. 30 years old, handsome and a plastic surgeon. They barely talk during the session, but when the meeting ends, he tells Sakura that she needs he face fixed. What? Sakura is so mad, but he caught her attention.

On  top of everything, Iku dares to ask her out. After all the offending words? What’s wrong with this guy?

Aaah..it must be a cute story if only I had time reading it. Isn’t it interesting to read a mangaka’s mind? So, why wait? The piece is available at www.j-sis.net

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