Natsu no Zangai

Since her parents decided to divorce, Sumi loses trust on people. She wanted to be an adult soon, so that she could choose whatever she wanted. That’s why when Amaki Riku asks her out, she said yes. He’s a playboy who’ll take anyone. Sumi thought to do it with him. That way she’d be an adult.

But, then Sumi slowly knows him. He’s quite different from the rumours. And she’s in love. She comes to a comprehension that even if she had sex with Riku, she’s a child. However, it’s good to share feelings with someone. Sore ga ai deshou[1]? (isn’t it love?)

Well, you can’t blame children from taking shortcut (which won’t lead them anywhere). Anyone who’s lack of love and understanding find it difficult to see the world as a wide comprehensive chance. Life is only hard when you choose to make it hard. Being in love—most of the time—takes your burden and splits it in two. What I’m trying to say is share! And everything will be much easier.

Download this manga here at aerandria

My Rating:

[1] Taken from Hirano Aya’s Sore ga Ai deshou. Such a cute song.


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