Artist Acro

Bleu Ciel taught Acro to be an artist when he was young. He even motivates the boy to come to the Art Capital to see many beautiful intentions.

Now, after 7 years, Acro completes his training and able to manipulate many things into clay. However, he’s not allowed to enter the Capital. Why’s that? Is it because his stupid hair?

After begging for days, he’s given permission to take a peek. What a wonderful city they have it here. People are surrounded by many creations. But, the only artist in the city, Naji, has made every body cry by carving people into his wall. Using human for the creation shouldn’t be allowed. Deco, a painter boy, asks Acro to beat Naji. Seeing a boy cry in front of him, Acro can’t say no. He’s being artist to creates people’s smile. That’s what he believes. And one day, he would make his city an Art Capital too.

After defeating Naji, Acro wants to continue his journey to find 7 Magnificent Artist. He will asks them to make inventions for his city. Deco offers to accompany him. They have no idea how hard it could be to be sucked in the world of Artists. Do you?

It’s quite cute, actually. Sakurai sensei makes a new definition of artist. It’s more than just creating thing, but most likely magically manipulating thing. It’s combination of art and magic. It’s like seeing Fairy Tail and Full Metal Achemist in one story. lol

Download is available at Project Kurai Ryu. Hurry up and grab it. It’s only 9 volumes.

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