Eikawa School Wars

Arisugawa Kiko stands in front of conversational English school. She’s thinking of entering because her father is going to be transferred to New York. But, Kiko feels so inferior in front of foreigners. Her mother pushes her to enroll and Kiko fills the form. Her teacher is a young man named Ish Guillem Kilroy * isn’t it too much for a foreigner’s name?*. He’s a cool man who coldly asks Kiko to speak in English with him.

AAAAAAAAHhhhhhhh, it’s irritating. For one moment, Kiko is on the phase of hating English. She’s motivated not only to be able to survive in New York, but also to say cruel thing to Ish.

Whua ha ha ha. I know how bad Japanese with English. I mean, here in Indonesia we talk with strick rule of pronounciation, we’re trying our best to imitate the American spoken language. But, you can’t ask much in Japan. I think I understand Kiko’s feeling. English probably not the favorite subjek around.

However, if you have motivation and guts, you can overcome anything!

Please visit project noir to download this manga

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