Watashi no ouchi ha Honya honya san, Yokoyama Tomoo,

Miyu is embarrassed to be a daughter of bookstore owner. Her family owns store that sell adult magazines & books. She has to deal with perverts every single day and it makes her sick! She tries to tell her father about it, but he won’t listen. Instead, he makes her the center of attention by putting her into the store icon. Seeing her face on maid costume makes her angrier. This is why Mom left. Father is too uncosiderate.

However, leaving the father alone working on the store is too nasty. She should help somehow. When a customer complains about the stuffs, Miyu puts the maid costume and lead that customer to buy. Yeah, she has the talent to entertain! Father is surely seen that through.  Is this mean that Miyu accept her fate? Lol

It’s actually funny story, but I got the bad translation so I tried to imagine it myself.

Please visit Blue-Arc Scans to download this one shot.

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