Hatsukoi, Yoru ni

“Why do you constantly trip and bump into things? Look forward when you’re walking!”

“Because I’m always looking at you”

Hiro has been in love with Rin since they were children. However, he lacks of bravery to confess to her. And now they’re teenager, Hiro still feels the same. Why is it so hard to say, “I love you”? He only needs a second.

They’re already seniors and Rin would enter Tokyo University, which means they’d be separated. So, Hiro puts all his strength that day to tell her how he feels. The rain is very heavy that causes the bus they take slips into accident, right before Hiro says the words. When he fells to the ground, he sees the phone strap he gave Rin when they were small. Rin has been waiting for his words for all this time.

It’s such a tragic and beautiful story. Hiks hiks Please download here: midnight scan

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