Akagami no Shirayuki Hime

Shirayuki’s born with uniquely red hair. She’s been requested by Tanbarun’s Prince, Kaji, to be his bride. There’s no way Shirayuki would agree. So, she takes the shortcut and escapes to neighbor’s country. She meets a couple of young man on her way. They are Zen, Mitsuhide dan Kigi. Prince Kaji finds her hideout. He sends her a poisonous apple for her. But,  Zen takes it for her. He falls instantly. Shirayuki comes to Kaji to ask for healer. Kaji won’t give it unless Shirayuki agreed to be his. What to do?

Well, i really don’t like this manga. It’s very over reacted. Some scenes change like jumping. The continuity is bad. I really not enjoying this. And the parody is raw. If you know what I mean.

However, if you like this kind of story, here’s the place to dig it: aerandria

My Rating:


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