Setsuna is a lame guy who always got bullied at school. Even at home, he can’t help her sister. They’re in debt with a shark mower. Setsuna thinks of suicide since he’s only a burden for his sister. When he was about to jump from a bridge, a weird guy comes approaching. He offers him a price to buy his life. Setsuna agrees and the next day, he wakes up in front of 2 women. They are Onihime Clan. They’re the buyers of his heart. They will live together with Setsuna for a year before one of them ate his heart.

Having desperate heart, Setsuna would attract demons to come. The Onihime sisters are there to save him. But, only one who could taste the heart at the end. It’s the one whom Setsuna thinks the most.

Well, this is not my type of manga. I don’t like woman with huge breast and RPG

type of manga. Too much unrealistic scene. Moreover, this one is made by Korean’s duet, you can expect so much dramatization there.

Anyway, you can download this manga from NCIS and SCX Scans

My Rating:


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