Chaos Head

Nishijou Taku is an otaku who loves talking with action figures. One day a real girl in a park greets him. Her name is Kusonoki Yua. He disgraces himself thinking that otaku can’t get friends. So, it’s shocking for him to have a girl approaching. What a lame guy!

At the same time, people are worried over mysterious incident: the nails crucifixes killings. They call it Newgen. Yua says that Taku is the culprit. Yua lost her sister due to the incidents. How does it possible? He’s experiencing scrambled memory since he met Rimi, a more mysterious girl at class, yesterday.

It’s pretty weird manga. The scenes jump one to another that I lost track. It’s really not amusing at all.

This is a project by NCS scans

My Rating:


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