Shippo de Happy

Rio wants a puppy, but when she get home, all she has is a six month mix breed dog named Junpei. Rio hates him, but Junpei tries hard to get along. Rio takes Junpei to Dr. Daichi’s clinic. She really admires that handsome veterinarian. Dr. Daichi asks her to take care a cute little Chihuahua named Kyuu chan. Kyuu chan misses his owner so much so he escapes. Junpei chases that little cutie that they slip into dirty river. Well, Junpei saves him, though. Seeing Junpei’s bravery, Rio is very touched. Their bond is about to get stronger. Not to mention Dr. Daichi’s little brother, Sora who looks cynical from the outside, but actually very gentle person.

Another dog story. It might look good on anime, just like Nyankoi. Lol

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2 thoughts on “Shippo de Happy

  1. hey, i want to read that! if i could read it in the manga online? if there is, what the website? thanks yea! ^W^

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