Kokoro ni hana wo

The Hanayagi florist has been closed down for a year. But, today, Sakura is about to reopen it. Last year is the most difficult time for the Hanayagi brothers. They lost their parents and they got separated. Rindou, the first son, is working at restaurant. Ran, the second, is a popular host. The 4rth son, Tsubaki, gets scholarship in violin from the elite Francis Academy. And Himawari, the youngest, gets back to orphanage. Yes, they were all orphans till The Hanayagi took them.

Sakura believes that together, they could rebuild the family business. Imagine a florist with host as seller, wow. You can eat delicious cake at open space surrounded by flower while listening to gentle sweet violin playing. It’s just perfect!

I would want to be at that kind of florist all day!!!! Lol.

Well, this manga is made by Kanno sensei who’s popular with Otomen. It’s a very simple story which sometimes-too much to be true! It’s just Kanno sensei’s style. So light and simple.. ( and plain too).

Dowload is available at Saigo no Shou

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