Monga no Daichi

Since his father died, Yuuta and his mother move to her hometown. It’s very hard for him to transfer to urban from Tokyo. Yuuta’s afraid that he couldn’t blend with his new school. Not to mention the grand parents he never knew. Mom escaped from home with his father, since that they never come home.

However, Yuuta’s grandfather is an amazing veterinarian. Al though he’s a quiet person, he can cure many animals. Including this squeak Yuuta found in the forest. Gramp tells Yuuta what to do in order to save that baby. It’s his first friend! Monga, that’s what Yuuta named it, survives. And ever since that moment, he becomes the most important friend for Yuuta.

Cute animals and living in countryside! What else can you ask if you want to have healthy life? Well, it’s not easy for someone from the Capital to move in such quiet place. No malls, no convenience store…whuaaaaaaaaa can you imagine it?

Changing is never been easy. But, when you have someone who walk with you and share your burden, you’ll be ok.

The series ends at Volume 3. However, I haven’t found any scanlation available for download.

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