God Seeker

In the land known as Gran-cafna, Sarlode Seeker, the lord of Seeker Castle, along with his sister Nana and their friend, Ove, are having hard time to protect their village from attacker. Lord Seeker is one brilliant, yet tricky guy. He creates trap for those guys giving niche for Nana to put a huge attack. Thanks to Nana’s legendary power, the enemy is annihilated. Seeing that powerful blow, Ove becomes frustrated. He’s sad because he can’t use magic while everyone else is sorcerer.  Nana believes that Ove’s power would come in time he needs it the most. However, being patient is not easy.

At the same time, the sister of the attacker comes to take revenge….

It’s a project by overload scans. Well, the theme is so common, right?

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