Edokko Edokkou

Edward Adams is a student of Professor Newton. He came to Japan in order to learn the way to be Ninja. It was the beginning of Yoshimune Tokugawa’s era. He is privileged for being descendant of William Adams (Anjin Miura) who used to be close with the 1rst Tokugawa shogun.

At that time, weird phenomenon’s were always claimed to be the work of ghost or God. Like the case of Plate Ghost where people spreads rumors that a servant was killed and threw away into a well. She was punished for breaking her master plates. Edward (people call him Edo because it’s hard for Japanese to pronounce his name) is curious to know the real fact. He meets Isuke san that guards the well. The old man was actually an undercover ninja. He actually tries to save a servant from being harrased by the well’s master. He put that girl inside the well. When he tried getting her out, somebody saw them and thought it was a ghost. That’s how the gossip started. Listening to his story, Edo feels like he has to help both the girl and the old ninja. Together with the South Edo Judge Officer,  Echizen Ooka, Edo pull tricks and relocate them to saver place.

Well, there are many other cases he stick his nose into, you might want to read it yourself!

It’s a nice story. I really think I should buy the tankoubon!

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