Anne chan Tarou

Ichinose Tarou (13) has come to the phase when he thinks girls are lame. He doesn’t like being near them because it would put ruckus among the boys.

On this year’s festival, his father assigned Tarou to be The Demon-killing Child. The ritual is that a boy and a girl make a statue of demon, the destroy it. The thought of him being alone with a girl makes Tarou crazy. He goes to Town Hall to dispel the task, but it can’t be granted. Now, he has just to make a wish that his partner would be a shy and inassertive girl. That way, he can hush her to leave him doing the statue by himself. It would be safer that way. But, the one apply for the vacant is Momozono Anne. She’s a cute girl that he couldn’t hold himself. Moreover, Anne says that she likes him! Woaaaaaaaaaaa… her aggressiveness scares him. Anne even comes to his house and claims to be “No-doubt-wife-to-be girlfriend”. Ha ha ha ha

What would Tarou plan to survive her love? First love is cute, right? Did you have the same experience?

You gotta read this funny one shot. I found it at monochrome  dreams  scanlations

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