One day,the cat allergic Junpei finds out that he can understand what cats are saying. It’s like a nightmare. He can’t stop sneezing around cat. But, he can’t get away. Even his family dears cat. They have a pet named Nyamsas.

It’s definitely a curse! He broke Cat-Jizo’s head yesterday. Thought nobody knows, it’s a big mistake. The priest says that he may get cursed if he screwed with that. Nyamsas and her friend, Tama, say that the curse would be lifted if Junpei sincerelly sorry for his actions. He needs to do 100 good deeds for cats, otherwise the Neko sama would turn him into cat. Ah, Junpei is scared. This way he would died on his own fur. Lol.

Well, I watched the anime long before I found this manga. And it’s a very cute story. I mean, I really love cats, though I’m allergic to them (just like Junpei). But, I won’t die holding them (I think he’s over reacting. Lol).

This is an imangascan project. You’ll like it!

Just wanna read it? Well, you can go to mangafox

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