Monochrome Myst

I was just a single man in his 20’s who shouldn’t have any connected to the rest of the world. I’m popular of being mysterious author and the rumors spread saying that I can see ghosts. What a way of talking people!

However, she asks me if I seen her black cat. I make fun of her by saying I saw a cat yesterday. When she leaves, I see a blurry cat following her. And that cat appears in front my very eyes this night. What a troublesome company. It can talk and rushes me to save it master. The family it belonged was only that girl. Their home was burnt and the girl parents died because of that. She suffers such a great deal of guilty because she thinks she made her parents gone. Drown in despair; she’s almost taken to the darkside world. How am I supposed to do to rescue?

The theme is nothing special, but I like how one scene jumps into another.Yeah, I think I’m gonna follow this manga.I found it at Tashi

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