Ever since Kanami humiliated a perverted uncle she met on street, her life is in danger. Somebody throw a rock and broke her window. She also finds an animal dead body covered with blood in front of her house. It must be his payback.

However, Kanami soon finds out that during the incidents, that stupid uncle was interrogated all day by cop. So, who’s behind this? That criminal also stab Toma, her brother, on his leg. It’s pretty serious that Toma need blood transfusion right away. But, none in the family share the same blood type with him. Aah…another mystery.

A few days later, Kanami gets a letter for her grandmother. She opens it and reads:

“What color does Toma’s blood? Don’t forget, someone knows the secret of 14 years ago”

What does it mean? What secret does Kanami grandma hid?

It’s almost a tragic story. I always like family theme. Every member of this family is doing their own way to protect each other. However, lying only gonna make everybody suffer. It feels more painful when the truth revealed. Openness is the best thing a family does to stand.

The manga ends at 3rd volume.

My Rating:


2 thoughts on “Kizuna

  1. Hello again..><

    I wanna ask, where can I download this manga title? I've been looking almost anywhere but unfortunately, I just can't find anything.

    Can I ask? Thanks…

  2. Sure, you can ask anything, Saki san. omoshiroi na anata wa.
    Anyway, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Last time I check, still there’s no group taking this project yet.

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