Jouou no Hana

Flower of Queen is the name of powerful healing plant. It only blooms once in a hundred years. When you make a wish upon it, all your dream would come true. Princess Aki and her slave, Hakusei, have been searching for it. They wanna use it to cure Queen Kouhi, Aki’s sick mother.  When they escape from the castle to search, they meet a mysterious merchant named Seitetsu. He teaches them many things, from reading to horse riding. He even give them “tan” (medicine). However, that couldn’t help much.

6 years later, Queen Dohi, Aki’s stepmother, puts poison in her soup. To save her daughter, Kouhi drinks it and she dies. Seems never enough; Aki’s father throws her back to her mother’s hometown, Akoku. She’s a tough girl and now she has another vision: taking revenge!

It’s about love, it’s about friendship and it’s about being an independent girl! Don’t you like it?

The series ended at third volume. But, I just found the raw from lazy_catmoon. Another link can be found here (raw)

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2 thoughts on “Jouou no Hana

  1. Hello there again!
    I wanna read these since lately I’ve been looking for historical genre just like the Mademoiselle Butterfly.

    um, can you tell me if there is an english translation of this manga? And where can I download/find it??


    1. Welcome back, Saki san.
      I just checked some scanlating group, it seems that nobody pick the raw yet.

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