Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer

When Amamiya Yuuhi wakes up, a lizard waiting in front of his very eyes. He claims to be the knight, Sir Noi Crezant. How does a normal person react for this? Well, he throws that creature right away. But, no matter how he tries, the speaking lizard always comes back into his room. Yuuhi thinks he’s having hallucination since none else can see the lizard.

Well, well…that devil is quite persistent, though. Sir Noi Crezant shows him how to use power with his ring. The ring enables Yuuhi to use telekinetic power. But, it doesn’t mean he wants to go along with the lizard mission. Sir Noi Crezant asks Yuuhi to help him rescuing the princess and then, fight the enemy. Ha ha ha, like Yuuhi would do something so troublesome like that. It would be great if the earth just fall down and he stands watching from the sideline. Hmm..the world is in trouble and its fate lies in a hand of lazy perverted student??????????

I don’t like lizard, because they’re not cute. In fact, they’re pretty scary. The idea is common, but the art is so dull. I’m not amused. When you try to mix fantasies into real life story try making it interesting, please. Too bad, I already download the first volume from snoopycool.

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