Akatoshi Hoshi residence

From the first time he met her he falls in love instantly. That girl name is Touko. She works for designer office. They soon go out together and he proposes. She says yes and their newlywed begins. But, soon Touko says shocking news. She’s an alien. She comes to earth because her planet is dying and she would be called home anytime soon. It’s too much to take for the husband. He keeps thinking where he did wrong. They spend time more intimate than ever wondering this will be their last vacation. However, when the time arrives, he can’t pull himself together. He wants to come along. And for the first time in Touko’s unemotional life, she cries…because she wants to be with him too!

My Rating:

Ahh It’s a such a sweet story. Please visit http://tashi.ath.cx/tashi/ to download this oneshot.


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