$100 is too cheap

A bounty hunter comes to see Suna. He’s a 17 yr old mystery solver and bartender. The client says that there are too many bounty hunter in her town and the sherrif is gonna pick another new sherrif. Well, she aims for that. However, that’s not the mystery she wants to consult. She saw a bounty poster of a small criminal named Blue Cheese. What’s interested in the information is the price. It’s minus $100. It means that if a bounty hunter captured him, he/she would have to pay $100. Is there anyone who would do something that stupid? But, this client is so curious.

Is it only commercial? Or warning? Or even…..

It’s a simple good story. I like the idea behind it. It’s very original and psychological. However, the art is fall behind. It’s not interesting.

Please visit peebs to download this manga.

My Rating:


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