Toki no Shoushitsu Ukeoinin

Kelly Abberline comes to Cornish Rex to ask him erase the case of Jack The Ripper. At that moment, Kelly’s great grandfather, Inspector Abberline, failed to catch the criminal. According to her, the entire Abberline family has been cursed. They’re all dead at 44 on November 9th in tragic ways. Rex doesn’t really care until the agent, Barney, tells him that this case might have something to do with Abalon item. It’s an item to control time. It’s very useful for a time eliminator like Rex.

Rex has to get back to the year 1888. Using an ancient spell, he opens the golden gate of time. He traces all Jack the Ripper’s killing and each time he succeed saving victim, the time record changed. Airedale, Rex’s assistant, works as gps to show him murdering scenes while Rex hunting that psychopath.

However, the Abalon item Jack the Ripper used turns to be fake and Kelly disappear. As Rex fix the history, some people are not born, including Kelly. Aaah, this cause him another financial problem…lol

The art is pretty cute and though the theme is old, I love reading it. I like time traveling and detective things in one piece. Yeah, I gotta read it more!

Please visit otakami to download the latest chapter!

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