Ojousama to Youkai Shitsuji

Well, well, the theme sounds ringing, ha? But, this one is sweeter that Yana sensei’s plot.

Miss Karishima is a tough and self-restraint person. A little girl who wants to be an adult! When she’s left alone in her big home while her parents go abroad, she meets Zashiki Warashi. It’s a spirit living in old house to bring luck. Well, her family is not in a good fortune now. That’s why he appears. He’s such a devoted servant. The mistress is having a rough time getting rid of him. He’s always around. He’s a funky strong head demon. He does a lot of research on human’s life: he watches tv and reads magazine. He even remembers all Gundam’s line. Lol.

This summer, he will help his mistress solving the disturbance in her family fortune!

It’s a very cute story. And I love the heroine. I love people who want to stand on their own feet!

Get this manga from otakami. Read it here

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