Sun Ken Rock

Just like many teenager, Ken has no idea of future. His love to Yu Min gives him a slight of dream. Yu Min is a Korean girl who wanted to be a cop. She actually went back to Korea and applied to be a policewoman.

Inspired by that dream, Ken stops going to school and earns money to go see Yu Min in Korea. However, after a year, he ends up rotting in his room for a year. He couldn’t find any job in Korea, not to mention he’s a drop out student. He doesn’t meet the criteria to become a cop. While he’s wandering in his pathetic lifestyle, he passes Yu Min on the street. Embarrassed of his true condition, he starts talking rubbish. It even felt more pathetic, right?

That night, Ken feels more depressed than before. He goes to a noodle stand. The noodle guy is very nice to him. But, soon some gangsters come and destroy the stand. It’s time to pay the tax, they say. Ken helps him and beats them. A gangster boss sees him and wants to scout him in his group. Well, is he going even further to his cop dream?

Please visit to follow his adventure in Korea! You can also download it by torrent from bakabt. Well, well…it’s another juvenile delinquency story. I couldn’t find someone that stupid: chasing a girl without any competency. Hua ha ha. It’s so nice to be young, ha? You can do all stupid things and people would only say, “Ah, he’s young, that’s why!”

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