Aruite Ikou

Sumi, one day, when you died, I wanted to be by your side

Sumi had a great free life! She’s a nurse and enthusiastic girl friend. But, one day she encountered a bike accident. It results to her paralysis. She has to spend the rest of her life on wheel chair. Sumi feels useless and weak. However, she can work again as nurse and gets support from her friends. Though, the proportion of work is limited, Sumi works hard to fill her part.

Machiko, her best friend, took her to a hokey game to cheer her. That’s the first time Sumi met Tomoki. It’s also the last time Tomoki played Hokey as pro. It must be sad, but Sumi feels his spirit. Sumi starts writing him email and their relationship grows. They support each other to the point they can’t live without another. So, Tomoki proposes her. It’s a big decision. How can a paralyze woman being married? Will they be happy as anyone else?

Based on real story, Orihara sensei succeeds bringing tears to my eyes. I kinda like this melancholy story. I love it because it real and ends with wedding & making family.

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