NG Life

Saeki Keidai’s past was lied in Pompeii. At that moment, he was Syricuse, a great warrior who had a beautiful wife named Selena. When Vesuvius Mount exploded, their destiny torn apart.

1926 years later, the knight is born into Keidai’s body. He remembers that tragic incident clearly. He also meets his best friend, Loreius, who now live as Serizawa Mii (a girl). Keidai also finds out that his new neighbor was his former wife, Selena. Only she was born as a boy named Yuma. And none of them remember their life before. Woaaaa…this is more tragic than the history.

Keidai can’t help but having illusion of Selena’s face over Yuma. In other hand, Yuma grows a feeling toward Serizawa, whom longing for Keidai. Naa…what do you thing this triangle love story end?

I was not really interested in this kind of story. It’s actually a simple love story, right? But, Kusanagi sensei manages to make it complicated.

My Rating:


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