½ no Ringo

There’s a myth. Lovers were one apple. When it cut into 2 pieces, they look like heart. Woman and man are longing for their separate part. When they met, they became one again.

Hikaru believes that. That’s why she never stops dreaming of her prince on her 26th year. She’s working as receptionist in a big medical supplier company.

Here, women over 25 are considered bothering. They should be married otherwise they’re useless. Hikaru sees her capable senior has to be transferred to smaller town just because she’s single.

The receptionist girls are having eyes to MR (Medical representatives). Among those guys, Shindo is very handsome. Hikaru finds out that this guy was her former junior at high school. They start going out together.

Hikaru is now dreaming of marriage. However, having an ikemen as partner means inviting war with many beautiful women, including Natsuko, Hikaru’s colleague. How will this love story go?

Wow! Office work is really a battlefield, right? I’ve read and watch many similar stories of how a woman considered being the second level citizen. No matter how good they work, they’re still only accessories. What a life! While we know that many things man couldn’t do, still they treat women unfair. Is that the reason woman in Japan looks like hungry wolf when a cute guy appears?

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