Dragon Girl

Rinna Anzen made a promise with a boy named Subaru 7 years ago. They would study in Shoryu High together. It’s the almamater of Rinna’s father, Sakuya. However, it’s hard to realize since the school is for boys only. Rinna is so sad, because she wants to be in the Ouendan (Cheering ) team like his father was.

However, now Shoryu High is changing their system. It becomes co-ed school. Rinna is happily applies and joins the Ouendan. But, what’s welcoming her is something terrific. The club only consists of a chief. Everybody else is already graduated and thanks to the member bad behaviors, nobody wants to join in.

Rinna is excited making the club into the legend she heard from her father, while continue looking for Subaru!

Well… not my kind of story. However, the art is pretty cute and clean. The story developed in quite a pace, though it fails to create pounding mystery. It doesn’t make me curious of the next chapter. It took me 3 days to read it! (I read a tankoubon in 30 minutes if it’s great!)

Please visit entropy to download this manga.

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