Restore Garage

Yumejiro Satomi owns a car workshop. He’s old but he’s very skilled in doing his job. Along with his grandson, Tetsu, Yumejiro can fix any car. The vehicle usually comes with sad story, like a daughter who stole her father’s car 22 years ago. Now when the legitimate wife of her father wants to put his collections into glamorous exhibition, she wants to restore the memorable car. She preserves the memory when the father went so nice to her and took her around with the car. It has the father’s smell inside! Yumejiro magically swaps the car to its previous form, just like her childhood image!

There’s story behind every car. Once you restore the car, you also restore many opportunity for brighter future. I love the human side Tsugihara sensei touches in this manga.

My Rating:


4 thoughts on “Restore Garage

    1. hmm, Rena san, I’m afraid I haven’t found the DL yet. It seems like nobody pick this project so far. I’ll let you know if anything change, ok?

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