Reset Out

Akira and his father found a girl in the ocean. She stuck in their fishing pod. She’s very beautiful that Akira falls in love instantly. But, when she wakes up in the hospital, she can’t remember a thing. She has no clue what’s her name, her family or why is she in the sea. Akira patiently helps her through this difficult moment. He even created a name for the mermaid, Kirara Mikami. She’s a bright woman like her name. She helps the old Mrs. Tomita to accept her dying process. She encourages a boy who’s afraid to walk after his operation, so he can starts using his feet. She has something that makes people feel ease.

One day, a couple and a man come to see her. They claim to be her parents and husband. Kirara can’t see them on her memory right away, but she remembers Masako. Who is Masako? Is Kirara really committed suicide?

It’s quite long manga. I used to read Pop Corn, but I rarely find Yoko Shoji sensei’s work lately. Reset Out probably best written for adult because it’s deep psychological plot. Thought the idea is common, many stories talk about amnesia lately.

I’ve been thinking, why amnesia? It’s not a common practice in our everyday life. I mean, how many people you met that lost her memory lately? I haven’t meet one. But, authors love using it as the basic of their story. Personally, I think being losing memory is just an escaping way from their reality. It would be great if we can forget many things stressed us in our life, right? But, with no memory, you will not able to compare things, which I think very important to make a move. You’re like..RESET OUT! You have no prior knowledge and it makes life harder.

Yes, life is difficult, but being able to stand out when you’re in pinch is the highest quality of human being.

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