Juunikyuu de tsukamaete

Hoshizawa Riri is currently well known for her ability as fortuneteller. She gets this talent from her mother who went missing years ago. While making her business, she also investigates weird things happen around. She’s using an alias, detective Spica! It’s the name her mother used to use while cracking cases.

Today, a girl is found hung her neck on the schoolyard. It’s weird, since that girl had already called for fortunetelling appointment with Riri this morning. Using the data of her birth, Riri gets clues from the zodiac spirit.

At the same time, a boy is transferred to her school. His name is Hiromi Oikawa. This guy is a genius; he’s already graduated from university in American learning Criminal Psychology. It’s slow, but Riri finally remember him. Riri used to call him Hirorin. They went to the same elementary school and he always dreamt of becoming great detective.

Now, the duet of Detective Spica and Hirorin should be able to uncover all the veil of darkness.

It’s quite interesting. I’m not a fan of Ando sensei, but I think I’ll read this one.

Download is available at shoujo crusade and DMM

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