Ai no Nikushokuju

Meet the Matzusaki sisters! They love yakiniku so much, but they can’t eat it everyday. Their parent won’t give them more allowances. That’s why Kotone, Mine & Rune try to find their own money. They give love counseling (including stalking and researching). They’re lucky to have Taro as client. He’s the son of the yakiniku restaurant’s owner. Taro says he wants to make up with his girlfriend. A few years ago, they had accident and the girl’s parent asked him to stop seeing their daughter. Time passes, but Taro still waiting for her. The sisters find out that this girl is already have another relationship. It’s hard, but they must spill out the truth for the client…no..for the yakiniku!

The tankoubon consists of 3 love stories of each sister. It’s kinda funny and if you’re looking for something light, this is it!

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