Anoko no udewa niji no tsuduki

Shibata Chiharu (21) is a song sister in Doremifa Soramame, a popular child show on tv. Thought she’s already popular, her real dream is to become a singer & writer. She keeps applying for auditions but none turn right.

One day, she meets Momono Naohito who takes his sister Asami for Doremifa Soramame shoots. He’s a sweet person with a low confidence. Chiharu gets jealous of his bright and warm voice. He even gets offer from Bandou san, the producer who often reject’s Chiharu’s demo tape. In fact, Momono wants to become Song Brother because he’s a big fan of Chiharu!

Do you know when is it time to stop chasing your dream? Sometimes what you dream is what you want, but not what you need. We’re often being blinded by the image in our head. When we’re on the sky, the clouds avoid us to see both of the star and the earth. So, when you’re already running far, remember to stop and contemplate.

I kinda like this manga. The art is neat and clean. The story is developed well and each character is appropriately explored.

My Rating:


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