Uta no Prince-sama

In Saotome Academy, you’ll learn everything to be part of showbiz. Everybody try hard to become idol. The best talented one would be promoted to S class where your chance to get contract higher than the other class.

Only those who complete the year having developed their natural talents well will finally gain entry to the shining agency. And only one pair will be able to debut straight away. A pair? Instead of developing singers, this school also giving training for lyricist. They are a perfect pair to enter entertainment world.

In her class, Harukawa Nanami is the only one aiming to be song lyricist. The other three boys are all aspiring to be idol. They are energetic Ittoki Otoya, sweet Shinomiya Natsuki and cool Hijirikawa Masato.

Nah, they have to decide the pair now. Their homeroom teacher, Ringgo chan, brings the red strings of fate. It’s pairs of string tied in a bow so that none knows each end. Those who want to be singers and lyricists would take each end. The person at the other end will be the partner.

Unbelievably, Nanami’s string attached to those three. So, the school decides that from now on, Nanami will the songwriter for the three boys. Looks troublesome ha! Moreover, she can’t fall in love with the idols she paired with. Ahhh…that’s suck!

The art is clean and neat. It’s also beautiful, as you can expect from a good shojo mangaka. But, I don’t really like too nice character. It’s like she’s coming from different world. How can someone aiming to be in showbiz world become so naïve? Hmmmm arienai!! Zen zen arienai!

Find this manga at i eat manga (chp 1, chp 2, chp 3)

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